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Atlanta PetsittingAre you planning a trip, but are worried about leaving your pet behind at a crowded boarding facility? Are you showing your Atlanta home to potential renters or buyers, but worried about your pet’s presence impacting interest? Queen City Petsitting Productions provides pet pampering services so you don’t have to worry about your pet’s well-being while you are away. Our pet-loving sitters will visit your home as many times a day or week as you deem necessary to feed, walk, and interact with your pet. While there, they will also make sure your home is well maintained.

Our Atlanta Area Services Include:

Keeping your pet healthy and happy is just as important to us as it is to you. The phrase, “There’s no place like home” is just as true for pets as it is for people. Keeping them in the place they are most familiar provides the most comfort and prevents habits and routines from being broken. This also helps prevent the spread of germs from other animals or poorly maintained boarding facilities. Just because you may be away doesn’t mean your pet(s) should not be able to receive one-on-one interaction. Our Atlanta petsitters will meet with you to make sure they understand your specific instructions on how you want your pet cared for. Our Georgia team of petsitters covers all parts of Atlanta and surrounding areas such as:

  • Sandy Springs
  • Marietta
  • Alpharetta
  • …and many more. Please contact us for information.

Atlanta dog walking servicesWe all know that exercise is important for people, but did you know that it is just as essential for our canine friends? There are many benefits that you pet receives from regular walks and a quick trip out the door for a potty break just doesn’t cut it.

Some of the wonderful benefits of walking for your dog are:

  • Health – nothing keeps your pet in better health than keeping them moving. Exercise keeps them limber and at a healthier weight.
  • Digestion – exercise not only benefits their muscles and joints, but it also helps regulate their digestive systems.
  • Reduced Unruliness – if you pet has destructive habits such as digging or chewing, it likely stems from too much energy and no outlet. Exercise can alleviated the excess pent up energy.
  • Contentment – often attention-seeking behavior such as whining and barking stem from your pet wanting more attention from you. Walks often fulfill this need for your pet.
  • Training Opportunity – the time you spend on a walk with your pet is the ideal time to work on some obedience training.
  • Bonding – your pet loves you no matter what, but you can make that bond even stronger with some one-on-one time on a walk.
  • Socializing – going for walks in areas with other canines it is an excellent opportunity for your pet’s social development.
  • Fitness – your pet isn’t the only one benefiting from regular exercise. Daily walks may feel like a chore, but they are beneficial for you as well as your pet.

Atlanta dog walking servicesDid you know that young dogs need an hour of activity daily and more for high energy breeds? This doesn’t include the time you let them out into the backyard to stretch their legs, because dogs won’t entertain themselves. This means it is up to you to develop an exercise routine for your pet that will benefit their health, weight, and behavior.
However, if you have a busy schedule, you may not have the time to give your pet the hour of exercise that they need. So what can you do?

Find Dog Walking Services in Atlanta!

If regular walks simply won’t fit into your daily schedule, you have choices. Here in Atlanta there are services which will walk your dog for you, saving you time and burning their energy. For a company you can trust with your best friend’s healthy and safety, contact Queen City Petsitting today!

As avowed pet lovers, our staff at Queen City Petsitting is completely dedicated to the comfort and care of your pets. We all absolutely love our jobs because we get to spend our working time doing what we love best: hanging out with and caring for animals. Your precious pets are nearly as important to us as they are to you. For your peace of mind and assurance that “all will be well while you are away”, please call us to arrange a consultation with one of our trained and experienced staff members.

Pet sitting is an industry that is growing rapidly as pet owners discover the advantages of using pet sitters rather than traditional (kenneling, leaving alone or asking a neighbor or family member to “watch” your pet) care options. The advantages of pet sitting include:

  • No “travel trauma” to your pet as they don’t leave their home
  • Exposure to illnesses of other animals is eliminated
  • Your pet stays on his regular routine, reducing stress to your animal
  • No inconvenience to neighbors, friends or family members
  • Extremely helpful for pets with health or mobility issues
  • The comfort to you of knowing your pet is well-cared for in your absence in your own home by people who care about animals.


Review Us On GoogleYou have finally brought home your 8 week-old puppy. The past two weeks have been a great bonding and “falling in love” with her time. You are grateful you can arrange your schedule to work at home for the most part so she does not have to be left alone. But now, you find you must be gone for a day and a half to attend a work-related conference. For the first time in your life, you panic at the thought of leaving something so precious as this puppy for even a day and a half.

A friend tells you about Queen City Petsitting and you are suddenly very glad you live in the Atlanta Metro area! After perusing the website, you call Queen City Petsitting, make an appointment for a free consultation and arrange to meet your pet sitter. The overnight rate of just $60.00 is a bargain and has the added benefit of having a person in your home to watch over things. The conference goes well and you have no worries about your puppy.


You live in Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia and your sister in getting married in New York City! It is to be a fun 4-day trip filled with shopping, parties and the wedding itself. However, what do you do with your 9 year-old lab and your 1 year-old basset hound? Usually you have family members to “baby” sit for you, but they are attending the wedding also.

Answer: call Queen City Petsitting! We will introduce you to a licensed and bonded pet sitter from our professional staff. You can choose to have the sitter stay in your home or you can choose to board your dogs at the sitters home. For just $50.00 per 24-hour-stay (and $5.00 per additional dog) your dogs will be loved and cared for in your sitters home just as if they were the sitters own dogs. Enjoy the wedding!


Atlanta Pet SittingYou always knew nursing would be a busy and sometimes stress-filled career, but you love it. The emergency room in Atlanta Medical Center is always action-packed and crazy busy. It always seems to be just a little understaffed because it so over-packed with patients. You have been asked to pull a double shift tomorrow and you know the extra overtime pay will be nice to have.

You always use the amazing sitters at Queen City Petsitting to tend to your 2 cats and old chihuahua every day in your home, so you log in to their website and discover they offer day boarding in your sitters home. This is just what you need for this situation! After the regular morning visit that is scheduled daily, your cats will be fine until your double shift is over. After the morning visit,your sitter will take your chihuahua home for personalized love and care until you have completed work that day. Overtime pay and no worries about pets-YAY!

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