Check Out Our Dog Walking Services In Raleigh

Dog parks are a wonderful part of our city and it’s communities. Our dogs are a big part of our families and taking them to a dog park to watch them cavort and play is such a pleasure for us as well as for them! We are fortunate in Raleigh to have some really quality dog parks in our neighborhoods. Some special ones are:

Oakwood Dog Park at Brookside Drive is open every day, sunrise to sunset. They provide toys, water buckets, two fenced in play areas for dogs of all sizes and a play area for smaller, timid, or elderly dogs to play with less anxiousness. The owners are friendly and your dogs will love this neighborhood park!

Raleigh Dog Walking ServicesCarolina Pines Community Dog Park is located at Lake Wheeler Road. Open every day from sunrise to sunset. This park has two separate and fenced play areas for all kinds and sizes of dogs. Shy and small dogs can play in their own area stress free!
Millbrook Exchange Dog Park, at Spring Forest Road, is open daily from sunrise to 10pm nightly. They have three fenced areas separated from one another for dogs of different abilities. A large play area for the big and hard-playing dogs and an area for the smaller, shy, and older dogs and of course the puppies! A third fenced area has a picnic shelter. All are lit for night-time fun! And of course, buckets and running water are provided.

These dog parks are great for getting your dog out of the house or yard and into the great outdoors for fun and socialization. They have the opportunity to run leash-free, jump, and play. The benefits of dog parks and other dog walking services in Raleigh are a given. Keep in mind, though, that many dog experts warn that a dog park is not a substitute for a dog’s daily walk, and a good idea is to go for a walk with your dog for at least 20 minutes before going to the dog park. This will help your dog keep it’s cool at the park, too. If you can’t get to the dog park as much as you’d like and you don’t always have time to walk your dog, you should consider hiring Queen City Petsitting and our dog walking services in Raleigh.

Queen City Petsitting, Boarding, And Dog Walking Service In Raleigh

Raleigh Dog Walking ServicesWe love the pets that we visit! Our services range from potty breaks, overnight petsitting, boarding, and of course our dog walking services in Raleigh! Our dog walking services range in price from $15 for a 15 minute walk to a work week’s worth (Monday-Friday) of 30 minutes walks for $75. We offer lunchtime walk packages and longer individual walks-up to 60 minutes for $30. So if you need your dog walked daily or just for a good warm up before you visit the dog park after work, we’d love to be walking your dog! Give us a call for a free initial in home consult.

We Don’t Just Walk The Dog!

Beyond our dog walking services in Raleigh, we also offer:

  • Cat Care (playtime, fresh food and water, clean litter box)
  • Overnight Petsitting (in your home with a night and morning walk)
  • Boarding (at our petsitter’s home) for dogs and cats!
  • Day Boarding
  • Hotel Petsitting Services (we come to your hotel room)
  • Other Small Pet Care (rabbits, gerbils, fish, ferrets, etc.)
  • Pet taxi and Chauffeur Service (to the vet, groomers, or wherever!)
  • Dog Trip To The Park (we’ll take them to the dog park when you can’t)
  • Dog Runs (for energetic dogs!)
  • And much more at Queen City Petsitting!