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Magpie and Murphy – Raleigh Dog Walking Clients

Murphy and Magpie love the outdoors. Like all dogs, these black labs experience a great sense of fulfillment from exploring new sights and smells, meeting new people, and getting that excess energy out through running, jumping, and playing fetch.

Murphy and Magpie are both friendly creatures with great temperaments, but even the best behaved dogs experience behavioral benefits from these important activities. Regular exercise is not only good for your dog’s physical health, it’s important for their mental and emotional health as well. Murphy and Magpie love our Raleigh dog walking service, because it helps them feel more relaxed and confident, giving them the necessary activities for both fun and training.

At Queen City Petsitting, we understand that life is busy and it can be difficult to find time for everything, which is why our Raleigh dog walking service is all about giving your furry companions the exercise they need.

Our services include:

Dog Walks

  • 30 minute visit/walk: $17
  • 15 minute visit/walk: $15
  • 10 minute visit/potty break: $13 (available only for 3rd or 4th visit/day)
  • 45 minute visit/walk: $25
  • 60 minute visit/walk: $30

4th visits are recommended for older dogs or puppies, as they require more consistent visits. You can also add a cat or other small pet for $2 per day.

Weekday Lunch-Time Walk Packages

  • 5 day 30 minute visits: $75 per week
  • 5 day 15 minute visits: $65 per week

Dog Trip To the Park

30 minutes at the park: $17 + chauffeur fee

Dog Runs

  • 45 minute run: $25
  • 60 minute run: $30
  • +$5 per additional dog

Sadie, Charlotte, & Janie – Raleigh Dog Walking Clients

Sadie, Charlotte, and Janie also love our Raleigh dog walking service. These happy and affectionate dogs benefit greatly from the activities that our professional dog walkers engage in with them, including friendly visits, energetic walks, and trips to the dog park, where they can run around freely and interact with other dogs. Queen City Petsitting gives them the time they need to run and play, helping to keep them more calm and approachable, and reducing excess anxiety levels. Sadie, Charlotte, and Janie are well-behaved and happy to be around people and other dogs, because the training and regular exercise they experience from our Raleigh dog walking service has given them the experience they need for a healthy disposition.

Queen City Petsitting is dedicated to the health and well-being of your animals, and our Raleigh pet sitting services include everything they need. We also offer:

Overnight Pet Sitting

At $60 per night + $5 for any additional pet, our pet sitter will spend the night, providing an evening walk as well as a morning walk the next day.

Add $20 per night for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve.

Pet Boarding

For a $50 pet boarding fee + $20 for any additional pet, our pet sitting expert will take care of your pet in their own home, making sure they feel relaxed and comfortable.

$45 (dogs 10 lbs. or less or cats)

$20 per additional dog/cat

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