Work Long Hours?

At Queen City Petsitting, we understand that life can get busy, and it can become difficult to get your dog out of the house every day. Our dog walkers know you love your dogs, and we are here to help you give them the care they deserve. Dogs need at least an hour of exercise daily, and some of the more sporty breeds need more. They need that time to run and play which will help keep them limber, control weight gain, and help keep your pets more constructive and calm in your home. Our dog walking services can also be a great addition to outside training as their dog walker will help socialize your pets by exposing them to new surroundings, and maybe help them make new friends along the way. Using a daily dog walking service can help add consistency to your dog’s life and likely give you a better behaved companion. Reducing pent up energy during the day can help curb destructive behavior when you are away and give you a more relaxed and satisfied pet when you arrive home from work. Your dog walker is ready to take your furry family member out any time of the day.


$17  – 30 minute visit / walk

$15  – 15 minute visit / walk 

$13  – 10 minute visit / potty break
**10 Minute visit only available for 3rd or 4th visit / day

$25  – 45 minute visit / walk

$30  – 60 minute visit / walk

Recommendation of Older Dogs or Puppies – Add a 4th visit!  Older Dogs & puppies can’t wait as long in between visits – They will thank you for that extra visit per day.

Add a Cat or other small pet for $2/day


$75/week – 5 day 30 minute visits
Add $2/visit per add’l dog ($85/week – 2 dogs)

**Package Pricing cannot be prorated if Less than 5 days are used.
Less than 5 days used = $17/visit (1 dog), $20 (2 dogs)

$65/week – 5 Day 15 minute visits
Add $2/visit per add’l dog ($75/week – 2 dogs)

**Package Pricing cannot be prorated if Less than 5 days are used.
Less than 5 days used = $15/visit (1 dog), $18 (2 dogs)


Let us take your dog to a local Dog Park!  Our dog walking service gives your dog a chance to run free while enjoying the outdoors. We are committed to instilling happiness and healthy activities for all dogs.

$17 for 30 minutes at the park
+ chauffeur fee


$25 for a 45 minute run

$30 for a 60 minute run

$5 per add’l dog