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Coyotes are native to North America and are found in every one of the 48 continental states, Alaska, Canada and Mexico. They are a highly versatile animal and have adapted to changes in environment very will. Coyotes are carnivorous and predatory, killing and eating just about any animal that is smaller than itself. As the population of humans continues to grow and expand its living base into the coyotes territory, small pets of humans will continue to be in danger from coyotes.

Coyotes in the Charlotte Area

2009-Coyote-Yosemite” by Yathin S KrishnappaOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

My son moved into a rural area about 9 months ago. Every night in the spring and early summer he and his family would listen to the coyotes howl at night. It seemed that they were just right outside their bedroom windows. And then they found out that is exactly where they were. Just outside their backyard fence, about 25 feet from the house, they heard the high-pitched cry of pups. There was a coyote den right there, just outside their fence. They discovered 3 newborn pups. Neighbors that had wondered what had become of their pet cats now had their answer. Animal control was called and the pups were relocated to a site a few hundred yards away. People in the housing development were told to keep their pets in an enclosed pen or in the house, especially at night, as that is when coyotes hunt.

Here in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, coyotes are also a problem in newer housing areas that are built in wooded areas. The neighborhoods of Timberlake and High Timbers have reported coyote sightings in the past month and on January 12, Mike Moneta captured a picture of a coyote on a hiking trail right behind his house. According to NBC affiliate WCNC, there have been small pets reported missing and at least one puppy reported dead from an attack that looked as though a coyote had been the culprit.

The Pest Control Authority in Charlotte says more coyotes have moved into residential areas over the last two and a half years, mainly because of so much construction affecting their habitats. They just trapped a coyote a couple of weeks ago in a new residential area, but they said it’s only the fourth one they’ve caught in the last couple of years because they’re very difficult to trap. The wildlife damage control agent told WCNC that in Mecklenburg County, in almost every case, it’s illegal for you to shoot a coyote, so if you see one, your best bet is to call an agency like theirs who can come and trap it.


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