Not going to be home this holiday season? It may be time to look into pet sitting services for your furry family members!

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Charlotte Pet Sitting ServiceAt Queen City Petsitting, we know that holidays and travel often go hand in hand. Unfortunately, extensive traveling and pets are not the best combination. Whether you’re driving somewhere to spent time with family members who are out of town or flying off on some destination vacation, bringing along your four-legged friend may not be a practical option.

Asking friends or family to come by and check-in on your furry friends while you’re gone is an inconvenience at the best of times and a down right nuisance when they are getting ready for a holiday. Our professional holiday pet sitting services can offer an affordable solution to imposing on friends! Our bonded, insured, and highly trained professional staff has the know-how you can count on to provide your pets with a safe and familiar environment in your absence. With us you can leave home with the confidence and comfort that your furry loved ones will be safe and sound so that you can get back to enjoying the holidays!

The holiday pet sitting options offered at Queen City Petsitting!

We offer a variety of care options for your pets, so you will be sure to find the right fit for your needs! When you have to be gone for long hours during the day and hate idea of your pets being left alone so long, you can try our day boarding options. You can choose for your pets to come to one of our wonderful sitters’ homes for the day or for our loving and attentive sitters to come to your home. We also offer overnight care where our sitters will stay with your pets overnight, providing the walks, attention, and care they need!

Whether looking for a sitter for the holidays or for someone who can come by, check in, walk, and give attention to your pets when you have to work long hours or leave for the weekend, we can help! We offer a wide range of affordable services that will keep your pets happy and healthy! We know you love your pets, so let Queen City Petsitting show them love when you can’t!

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