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Queen City Pet SittingEveryone has their own routines with their pets that help their pets feel safe and happy. If you are going out of town and need a pet sitter, you will want to find one that will work with you so that your pet’s routine stays as close to normal as possible. The major advantage of a pet sitter is that your pet gets to stay in its own home. Here are some things you need to be sure your sitter knows before you go.

The first and most obvious thing your sitter will need is emergency contact numbers. If there were to be a problem with your pet, the sitter would need to know how to get in touch with you right away. Emergency vet information is also important to have, as well as a letter from you stating that the sitter can accept treatments on your behalf for your pet. More than likely these things won’t be needed but it is always best to be prepared. Many pet sitters come trained in basic pet first aid and can handle small bumps that may come along.

From there, your pet sitter will need to know what you expect from them in regards to your pet’s care. Some come once or twice a day to walk and feed pets, others stay overnight with your pets, all depending on the service you hire them for. Is there a particular place your pet likes to be walked? What times of day does your pet normally get fed? Are there special instructions regarding feeding the pet? Are treats allowed, and if so, what kind and how often are they normally given them? Does your pet have any quirks your sitter should be made aware of? Such as a fear of storms or loud music? Does your pet take medication? Be sure your pet sitter knows exactly what medication to give and how often it is to be given. Having extra medication is also a good idea just in case. Are there things your pet is not allowed to do? Such as not allowed into certain rooms in the home?

Once everything is understood, you will want to ensure that your pet has met the sitter before you leave at least once if not a few times. This ensures that the pet knows this is not a stranger, but someone who is allowed in the home, which is very important, especially with dogs. This will give the pet time to adjust a little to the new person so that there is less stress for them once you leave. It is even a good idea to leave while the pet sitter is there, so that your pet doesn’t become startled when they come in later for the first time.

Making sure all instructions are clear and giving your pet a little time to adjust means a pleasant experience for all involved.

At Queen City Pet Sitting, we make it our business to provide quality care for pets and peace of mind for their people. To learn more about how a pet sitter can make your life—and your pet’s—better, contact us today.

Did you know…
Queen City Pet Sitting will also arrange trips to the vet, groomer or even the dog park while you are at work. Don’t want to spend your weekend cleaning up yard waste? Check out our services page for details on how you can save time and a complete list of our house chores and errand services.


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