Charlotte, NC Dog WalkingCharlotte, NC dog walking services from Queen City Petsitting provide your precious puppies and delightfully energetic dogs the exercise they crave and love. From chihuahuas to Great Danes, no dog is too big or too small to benefit from regular walks around the neighborhood. But, there are times when you may not be able to take your pooch for a stroll. What then?

That’s where Stacey Fisher and her team of dedicated and professional dog walkers in Charlotte, NC come in.

Getting your dog the exercise he or she needs is easy – especially when it might be tough for you. Let’s face it, life can get pretty hectic with work, kids, meetings, etc. It is certainly possible and likely that daily or semi-daily walks for your furry friend to find its way to the back burner. Eventually, your dog’s health may even be impacted.

There is a solution! Queen City Petsitting’s Charlotte, NC dog walking services are easy to schedule, affordable, and, best of all, highly beneficial for your dog(s). Your Charlotte dog walker will meet with your dog to get to know you before the first walk. This is the perfect time to ask questions about our dog walking services in Charlotte, NC. Our initial home consultation is free!

Our Charlotte, NC dog walkers have schedules that are very flexible which means we can work with your busy schedule as well as your budget. Our dog walkers are generally* available from 7:00am to 10:30pm and services include the following:

  • 10 Minute Potty Break: $13
  • 15 Minute Visit / Walk: $15
  • 30 Minute Visit / Walk: $17
  • 45 Minute Visit / Walk: $25
  • 60 Minute Visit / Walk: $30
  • Overnight Pet Sitting: $60
  • Boarding (In Sitters Home) for Pets 10 lbs. or Less: $45
  • Boarding (In Sitters Home) for Pets 11 lbs. or More: $50
  • Daytime Boarding 1-3 Hour Package: $25
  • Daytime Boarding 3-6 Hour Package: $45

Recommendation of Older Dogs or Puppies – Add a 4th visit! Older Dogs & puppies can’t wait as long in between visits – They will thank you for that extra visit per day.

Lunchtime Charlotte, NC Dog Walking Services

Charlotte, NC Dog Walking


If you expect to be out of town for an extended period of time, or would like a regular walk for your dog in Charlotte, NC, check out our boarding and lunchtime walking packages that are guaranteed to make your dog’s day.

Lunchtime Dog Walking Packages

  • $75/week – 5 day 30 minute visits
    Add $2/visit per add’l dog ($85/week – 2 dogs)
    **Package Pricing cannot be prorated if Less than 5 days are used.
    Less than 5 days used = $17/visit (1 dog), $20 (2 dogs)
  • $65/week – 5 Day 15 minute visits
    Add $2/visit per add’l dog ($75/week – 2 dogs)
    **Package Pricing cannot be prorated if Less than 5 days are used.
    Less than 5 days used = $15/visit (1 dog), $18 (2 dogs)

Dog Boarding Packages

Our Pet Sitting expert will keep your pet(s) in their home as if they were their own pets. Of course the extra love, play-time and affection is free!

$50 Boarding Fee (Dogs over 10 lbs.)
– $20 per add’l dog

$45 Boarding Fee (Dogs 10 lbs. or less)
– $20 per add’l dog

Contact us for Night & Day Package Pricing Options. Be sure to check out our blog and ask about featuring your dog in it!