Queen City Petsitting is passionate about the health and happiness of your dog. That is why we are dedicated to dog walking in Charlotte, NC. We specialize in the kinds of services that dogs require to maintain their well-being through regular exercise and socialization. Dogs receive the same kinds of benefits that humans do through this kind of activity, making it important for their emotional, mental, and physical health. We understand that life is full of demands that can make a regular dog walking schedule difficult to maintain, that is why we are here to help pick up the slack.

Dog Walking In Charlotte, NC

The level of exercise your dog needs depends on a variety of different factors, but generally speaking, most dogs need about an hour of exercise per day. If their energy isn’t being directed towards appropriate and productive tasks, they will inevitably choose more destructive and inappropriate ways of getting rid of that excess energy, such as chewing, digging, barking, and causing all kinds of mischievous behavior. Pent-up energy is often the reason your dog can become overly excitable and restless. Our dog walking in Charlotte, NC will help give your dogs the mental stimulation they require.

A simple walk can make a big difference in your dog’s mood and behavior, and it is also of paramount importance for their physical health. Regular exercise will help curb weight gain, which will in itself prevent a huge list of health issues such as heart problems and depression. Queen City Petsitting’s dog walking in Charlotte, NC is guaranteed to give your dogs the adequate level of exercise they require.

Dog Walking In Charlotte, NC

Our dog walkers understand the importance of social interaction and communication. Dogs are pack animals, and that means they benefit greatly from a sense of friendship and companionship. Outdoor exploration will give them the opportunity to develop important communication skills in real world environments. We make sure to pay attention to your dog’s body language, understanding how they communicate, and we work with them in order to build their sense of confidence. This will reduce their anxiety and help your dog to become calmer and better behaved.

While out on our walks, our dog walkers will be sure to take the opportunity to introduce your dog to other dogs, as this will help them to become more socially experienced and will further develop proper social skills. Our dog walking in Charlotte, NC is an excellent way of giving your dog professional training while giving them proper exercise at the same time.

If you need professional Charlotte, NC dog walking services, Queen City Petsitting has plenty of services to choose from, including:

  • Free In-Home Consultaation
  • 10 Minute Potty Break: $13
  • 15 Minute Visit / Walk: $15
  • 30 Minute Visit / Walk: $17
  • 45 Minute Visit / Walk: $25
  • 60 Minute Visit / Walk: $30
  • Overnight Petsitting: $60
  • Boarding (In Sitters Home) for Pets 10 lbs. or Less: $45
  • Boarding (In Sitters Home) for Pets 11 lbs. or More: $50
  • Daytime Boarding 1-3 Hour Package: $25
  • Daytime Boarding 3-6 Hour Package: $45

Also available is our:

  • Lunch-Time Monday-Friday Walk Package, 15 Minute Walks: $65 ($13 per walk).
  • Lunch-Time Monday-Friday Walk Package 30 Minute Walks: $75 ($15 per walk).

If you require professional dog walking services, don’t hesitate to make a reservation, or give us a call.