General Pet Care Services in Charlotte

Queen City Petsitting knows that pets can sometimes be a lot of work especially if you’re running low on free time. It can be hard to find the time for things like yearly vet visits, taking your pet to the groomer, and even basic necessities like buying your pet’s food. Our pet sitters can help take those jobs off your plate so you can have the time to focus on other pressing matters. For everything from running errands or being at your house to let the cable guy in, our pet sitters are willing to help out with a variety of projects you have piling up on your to-do list. Read below for a more specific list of additional services our pet sitters can do while caring for your pet.


A little dirty behind the ears? Time for a yearly exam? We offer Chauffeur trips to the groomer, vet, park, airport & much more. We realize it is not always easy to miss time at work or spend your Saturday completing these tasks.

15 minute trip: $20 per trip (+ $4 fuel surcharge)

30 minute trip: $22 per trip (+ $6 fuel surcharge)


If you ever need your pet sitter to make an extra trip to pick-up a key (outside of the consultation meeting) or return your key (outside of the last visit of your appointment), there is small trip fee to cover the sitters gas costs & time.

Key pick-up / drop off: $12


We’d be happy to run your errands or be home to make sure your home repairs and/or cable gets set up while you’re at work! Those 4 hour windows of time the repair people schedule aren’t always the most accommodating!

Dry-Cleaners, Pet Supplies, Grocery & Much More: We realize it is not always easy to miss time at work or spend your Saturday completing these tasks. Also, wouldn’t it be nice to arrive home from your vacation and your fridge be stocked full for the week to come?

Airport Pick Up and Drop Off: if you have a furry family member flying into town, we’ll pick them up & drop them off at your home. Parking fees can pile up at the airport, so why not let one of our experienced pet sitters help you save time and money using our pet taxi service.

Hosting a Party? Many of our clients live in condos & apartment complexes & it’s often tricky for guests to find your place or they can’t get in without the code, key card etc. Ask one of our sitters to help you avoid this hassle.

15 minute stay / trip: $20 per stay / trip (+ $4 fuel surcharge)

30 minute stay / trip: $22 per stay / trip (+ $6 fuel surcharge)

Holiday Fees
All visits during the holidays will include a $5 per visit holiday surcharge. All Overnight and Boarding services over the holidays will include a $20 per day/night holiday surcharge. The days include the day before and day of New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.
When you’re out on the run, out of town, or on vacation, and we are taking care of your dogs, cats, and other critters, there are a number of different other ways we can help. Our general pet care in Charlotte isn’t limited to mere pet sitting or dog walking! You can rely on us to help out when it comes to things like getting pet supplies, running your dogs to the groomer, a vet, or anything else they might need.

Queen City Petsitting is all about making your life easier by taking care of your dogs and other animals while you are away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do other things to help you out as well. After all, we’re taking care of your dogs while you are gone, so you obviously can’t be around for other tasks like letting in the repairman or signing for a package. We can even water your plants for you while we’re hanging out with your furry little friends.

Our general pet care in Charlotte includes all of the things your dogs need to stay happy and healthy. If your dogs have certain dietary requirements, we can run out and get the right dog food for them. If they have certain health needs, we can take care of those as well. We will be sure to give your dogs their medication right on schedule, and give them plenty of praise for taking it. If your dog is on a consistent dental routine, we’ll keep that routine going even while you’re away.

Health and hygiene are big parts of animal care, and they’re also things we take care of with our general pet care services in Charlotte. We can also clean up any mess that might occur, both indoors and outdoors.
If you have specific things you are working on in terms of training, just let us know. We will be sure to focus on those things while we are boarding them, or while out on our dog walks, runs, or trips to the local dog park. No matter what it might be as it relates to your dogs (and many things that don’t!) our general pet care services in Charlotte will have it covered.
When we are taking care of your cats, either at our place or yours, our Charlotte general pet care doesn’t stop at the basics. We will be sure to give them the play time they need with all of their favorite toys, and clean up any messes they might make outside of the litter box. We will also be sure to keep the litter box clean as well.

If your cat has an appointment with the vet or the groomer, we will make sure they make it on time. If you want us to groom them ourselves or give them a bath, we can do that as well. We’ll be sure to keep their coats clean, and make sure they aren’t shedding to cut down on the incidents of hairballs.

Our Charlotte general pet care for cats will make sure they are getting their dietary and medical needs met as well. If they require a specific brand or type of cat food, we will be sure to give it to them, or go out and get it if we need to. And of course we will make sure they are getting their medication right on schedule. Our pet sitters know how to handle cats and get them to take their medicine safely. Their water will be fresh and clean at all times, and we’ll be sure to give them only the allowable amount of treats.

If your cat has specific handling needs, just let us know. We can give a particularly spunky cat a lot of extra play time, helping them get all of that excess energy out so they can be more relaxed and peaceful. If your cat is still displaying signs of anxiety or fear as a result of you being gone, we can go out and get a scratching post or other toys to keep them occupied and their minds focused. Cats tend to act out when they are anxious, but we know plenty of tricks to help them behave.
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