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June 28, 2012
Why Pets Love Their Sitters
June 28, 2012

If you talk to us or another reputable pet sitter, you may be surprised at all the things a good pet sitter does on a daily basis. Here are just a few things that a great pet sitter can do for you and the animal you love:

Offer security. Your pet sitter keeps your pet from being traumatized by travel or an upset to its daily routine. He or she offers love and companionship, allowing your animal to feel secure and giving you the knowledge that your pet is well cared for.

Provide first aid or transport to a vet. What happens when you aren’t around and you pet becomes ill or injured? A qualified pet sitter can offer some basic first aid or a ride to your vet in the case of an emergency, as well as make you aware of the situation so that you can determine whether you need to return home to care for your pet.

Go for a walk. Exercise is an important part of your pet’s day. Keep your pet healthy by providing a friend to take him or her for a walk or to play in the park. Your pet will love the attention as much as the activity.

Keep tummies full and water bowls clean. Of course, one of the basics of pet sitting is to ensure that you pet is fed and watered and receives any extras, like medication, at your directive. You can rest easy knowing that we provide the same essential care for your pet that you might.

Clean up those little messes you don’t want to come home to. Even on the best days, accidents can happen. We clean up little messes and don’t even mind some light dusting or running the vacuum while you’re away.

Provide some peace of mind. Having someone who will not only care for the pet you love, but keep an eye on the home you are leaving is sure to offer significant peace of mind.

Our pet sitters will do all of this and so much more! Call us today to ask what we can do for you and your beloved pet while you’re away from home.

We make it our business to provide quality care for pets and peace of mind for their people. To learn more about how a pet sitter can make your life—and your pet’s—better, contact us today.

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