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March 27, 2018
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Qualities Your Pet Sitter Should Embody

Leaving your pets in the care of someone else requires trust, especially when that someone else is a stranger. There are certain qualities you want in someone who is going to be taking care of your pets. After all, these creatures aren’t just your property – they’re members of your family.

When looking for high quality, professional pet sitters in Charlotte, here the qualities you should be able to recognize.

Charlotte Pet Sitter

Loves Animals

It should go without saying that a pet sitter can only be good at their job if they love animals. This will likely come out when you meet them for a consultation, and you will observe it when they meet your pets for the first time. A good Charlotte pet sitter will also be happy to tell you about both the animals they’ve owned and sat for.

While all jobs can be difficult and frustrating at times, the love that a pet sitter has for animals will ensure that they provide quality, kind, and gentle care, even in potentially frustrating situations.


This isn’t necessarily to say they need to be quiet or soft spoken, or that their personality can’t be bright and energetic. It means they should have an easy going, confident demeanor around your pets, as this is one of the most important factors when it comes to gaining the trust and friendship of an animal.

Calmness also means staying professional when things don’t go according to plan. It means remaining patient when an animal misbehaves, as they will sense and react to a person’s anxiety in such situations.

Charlotte Pet Sitter

Empathetic and Sensitive

Good Charlotte pet sitters are able to read your pet’s body language, and sense their mood. If your pet is particularly friendly and easy to please, they will be able to respond in kind with lots of contact and positive energy. If your pet is shy and takes time to warm up to new people, they will know to give your pet as much time as they need to come around. Good pet sitters know how and when to walk, feed, and generally care for an animal.

Can Recognize Both Good & Bad Behavior

You’ve spent plenty of time training your pets to obey the rules of the house. A good pet sitter will know how to remain consistent with this training. They will communicate with you regarding your pet’s boundaries. If your dog isn’t allowed on the furniture, they will be sure not to let them break the rules. Calmness and gentleness doesn’t have to mean being a pushover. Good pet sitters are firm when they need to be.


Since your Charlotte pet sitter will either be visiting your home throughout the day, or staying there throughout your trip, you’re not only putting your pets in their hands, but your house and property as well. This is the kind of person you will need to trust.

A good pet sitter is one who has no reason to feel reluctance about having their references or backgrounds checked.

Charlotte Pet Sitter


A good pet sitter is one who has experience and can successfully care for an animal. People have all sorts of different critters, and you will want to find someone who can care for a wide variety of them.

They should be comfortable around both small and large dogs, cats, and other pets. They will have the experience and training required to provide adequate care, and take care of any messy or troublesome situations that may arise.

Bonded, Licensed, and Insured

This indicates a level of professionalism that should give you confidence in their ability to take care of your pets. It also indicates that the company and individuals performing your pet sitting services are serious about their profession. Insurance is there for both your protection and the pet sitter’s.


Good Charlotte pet sitters are supposed to give you peace of mind. You should know that your pets are in the care of someone who is not only good at their job, but will also be there for your pets in the time you agreed upon. Good pet sitters are people you can be confident in to understand clearly established duties, and follow through on them. They will obey your house rules and stick to their schedule, often sending a quick text or email letting you know when they arrive, and keep you updated on the status of your pet and home.

What You Will Find In Our Charlotte Pet Sitters

Charlotte Pet SitterAt Queen City Petsitting, we embody the friendly, professional, and trustworthy qualities that will give you peace of mind as you leave your pets in our care. Our pet sitters are consistent and reliable members of our company. Because of this, we provide a deeper level of pet care than you will get from many of the national companies that tend to see high turnover rates. Over the years, our Charlotte pet sitters have gained a number of regular clients, who have come to trust and value their services in the long-term. The familiarity their pets have with our pet sitters is another factor that contributes to our pet sitting service quality.

Whether you are going to be out of town for the day and need someone to make a visit, or you’re leaving for a vacation or business trip for the week, our Charlotte pet sitters are happy to provide your pets with the love and care they need.

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