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It should go without saying: leaving dogs in a cramped kennel for long periods of time in a crowded boarding facility can be stressful for your dog. This stress is compounded by the fact that most of the dogs around them are stressed out as well. Loud barking, nervous vibes, and general confusion can all take their toll on your dog’s mental, emotional, and even physical health.

One of the major benefits of our Charlotte dog boarding services is that when we take care of your dog while you’re away, they stay with us right in our own homes, where they will have the freedom to move around and interact one on one with a kind and caring pet sitter. The feeling of familiarity they have with an actual home, rather than a sterile facility, will go a long way in mitigating their fears and anxieties.

The stress that can result due to large boarding facilities can lead to a number of problems for your dog. In fact, some studies have shown that these conditions can temporarily drive them crazy. One study out of the University of Bristol’s Anthrozoology Institute, has identified a number of behaviors resulting from kennel stress which indicate high neurosis and mania, such as:

  • Pacing back and forth
  • Spinning
  • Walking in circles and around their pens
  • Jumping repetitively

When kept in a boarding facility, the stress that results can also have your dog completely losing their appetite. When this happens, many dogs can refuse to eat for long periods of time, which ultimately takes a toll on their health.

There is also the risk of kennel cough, a highly contagious disease that dogs often catch in large, cramped boarding facilities. Dogs that are very old or very young, or in poor health, can even die from this disease.

With our Charlotte dog boarding services, none of this will have to be a worry, and your dog’s separation anxiety can be effectively alleviated with the care and affection they need from our dog sitters.

Charlotte Dog BoardingAt Queen City Petsitting, you can also supplement our Charlotte dog boarding services with our other services as well. While your dog is in our care, we can also take them on a dog walk, run, or trip to the dog park. Not only will they have the quality human care they need while you’re away, they can also get plenty of exercise and interactions with other people and animals. The exercise they will get will give their mind the stimulation it needs to keep from feeling too much anxiety or acting neurotically. It will also tire them out enough that they can feel more relaxed while you’re away.

Having all of this one on one time with your dog will help us keep you better informed as to how they are doing, so that you can rest assured your furry companion is receiving the care and comfort they need.

Contact us today for a free consultation! Queen City Petsitting guarantees friendly, compassionate Charlotte dog boarding services that you and your dog can feel good about.

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