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June 28, 2012
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July 2, 2012

At Queen City Pet Sitting, we provide care for lots of animals on a regular basis and feel that it’s important to pet parents to know all the benefits of hiring a qualified pet sitter. One of those benefits is undoubtedly that some pets grow to really love their pet sitters. Here are some of the reasons we are sure your pets will love our sitters:

We offer care in the safety of your pet’s own home. Pets, like children, feel better in a familiar setting. We come to your pet so they don’t have to be boarded someplace that is unfamiliar or unsettling. Your pet sleeps in its own bed and is fed from its own bowl, giving it the same stability you do when you’re home.

We don’t take your pet around unfamiliar animals. Animals that don’t know one another can get stressed! We never take your dog or cat or other pet around animals they don’t know. This can prevent spreading illnesses as well as prevent the sharing of parasites like ticks and fleas.

We make an effort to be your pet’s friend. We make a real effort to become a comfortable and comforting part of your pet’s life! We want to be a trusted friend and companion when you’re away from home so that your pet still feels loved and secure.

We love to love your pet. Pets know when the people who are caring for them are aloof or unfriendly. We love animals and they know it! We aren’t just in this to make a buck; we truly enjoy spending time with your pet, an attitude that is sure to make your pet more comfortable with us!

We make sure your pet’s unique routine is always followed. We stick to your schedule as closely as possible, or discuss any necessary changes in your pet’s schedule with you beforehand so that you can approve the routine we’ll set while you are away.

We don’t make them travel in cars or airplanes. To be honest, most pets don’t like to travel. Pets like being home and we provide a way that they never have to face the stress or car or plane rides.

There are likely dozens of other reasons why pets love their sitters, but here at QueenCity Pet Sitting we strive to make sure that your pet loves the people who care for them, a great gift for both you and your pet!

We make it our business to provide quality care for pets and peace of mind for their people. To learn more about how a pet sitter can make your life—and your pet’s—better, contact us today.



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