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About Stacey – Owner and CEO of Queen City Petsitting Productions

Stacey Fisher - Queen City Petsitting Productions

Stacey Fisher – Owner and CEO of Queen City Petsitting Productions

Upon graduation from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Stacey spent several years in Real Estate Investment Banking. Stacey had been petsitting for neighbors, friends and family pets growing up, during college and even on weekends when she was available after starting her banking career. She never believed it would be possible to make a career of her love of taking care of others pets.

In 2009, that’s just what she did when she opened her very own pet sitting company. Stacey is now living her dream and has an extensive and highly experienced team of pet sitters who have helped her make Queen City Petsitting what it is today. Her team of North Carolina pet sitters covers all areas of Charlotte and surrounding areas.

While running her business, Stacey shares her life with her husband, their two children and their three woof woofs – Chippey, Percey & Otis. Chippey is a Miniature Schnauzer mix who Stacey and her family adopted from the Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolina’s, Percey is a Scottish Terrier Mix who they adopted from Fast Paws Haven Rescue and Otis is a Shorkie who they adopted from a friend.


-Vickie G.

“ Stacey and her team at Queen City Pet Sitting give caring and reliable service. We now travel worry-free because we know our beloved dog is safe and happy. ”

-Vanesa G.

” I have used Queen City Petsitting for over a year now. I’m really picky about who I leave my wonderful dogs with; however, it’s been easy with Stacey. I can tell that she loves dogs and enjoys keeping them. Stacey is very professional and takes her job seriously. Once, she even returned to my house during the day when she was only supposed to do one visit that day because it was raining in the morning and she wanted to give the dogs a chance to use the bathroom again since she left them inside that morning. That was above and beyond what she should have done that day. I leave detailed instructions which she follows without question. I really like her a lot and have recommended her to others. You can’t go wrong with her. Give her a try and you’ll be very pleased. Your pets deserve the best!!!! ”

Kelly G. and Matt C.

“ Stacey has been sitting for our 6 lb. toy poodle, Maybe, for quite some time. She and her team at Queen City Petsitting are the consummate professionals: completely dependable and totally in-tune to the needs of her dog-loving clients, not always an easy crowd to please 🙂 Best of all, Stacey and her dog Chippy are wonderful companions for Maybe when her “pack” is out of town.”

Kathleen A.

We left our 2 dogs, Bella & Stoley, over Labor Day weekend and asked QCP to take care of them. When we arrived home 3 days later, our house was cleaner than we left it and Bella & Stoley couldn’t have been happier! Stacey swept the floor in the room where our dogs stay, picked up “droppings” in our yard, and wrote a hand written note about how much fun Bella & Stoley had over the weekend. I will admit that I am very over-protective about my dogs (I had 2 pages of typed instructions!). Stacey not only followed my instructions to the T, she exceeded my expectations! Because of her professionalism, attention to detail, and care for my dogs, my husband & I were able to have a very relaxing vacation where we didn’t have to worry about what was happening at home. We will definitely use Queen City Petsitting again and have mentioned them to all of our friends. Thank you Stacey & QCP!!!!

Ann W.

Queen City Pet Sitting is a fabulous organization. Stacey, the owner, and her coworkers are so accommodating to my pets’ needs. When my husband and I went out of town for a week, she watched our pets, providing them with food, water, companionship and plenty of exercise. She even vacuumed our house for us before we came back home. She goes out of her way to make sure you and your pets are provided with excellent care!

Robert H.

We have searched high and low for a reliable reputable pet service. Queen City Petsitting is it. Wouldn’t change our minds for anything. We interviewed one sitter loved him. It’s not often you find someone (a stranger) that you would trust to be in your home when your not. QCP has made our babies very happy, no more cold floors at the Kennel. We can rest assured on our trips that our babies are very well cared for.

Nancy F.

My boyfriend and I were worried about leaving our two cats behind for the first time. After this experience, we feel so comfortable and are happy to have found Queen City Pet Sitting. Stacey found a sitter with very short notice (right before Thanksgiving), provided me with references that day, and our sitter was perfect! The cats took to her immediately. She even texts us every night we were away to tell us how they were doing. That really put our minds at ease. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs a pet sitter!‎

Jerry S.

Our Sitter at Charlotte has become another family member, especially in our dog Izzy’s eyes. If Izzy could speak she would definitely beg for Aunt Amanda to come over and play with her more. My wife and I try to travel at least once a month and the first person we call is Izzy’s pet sitter. When we leave, Amanda typically comes over 3-4 times a day depending on how long we’re gone. They play in the backyard, walk around the neighborhood, go on trips to the park and basically do the things we would with Izzy when we’re home. It’s great to come home and have a lengthy summary of their time together while we were gone. And we love the photos she texts us too! They always bring a smile to our face.

April L.

We’ve been using Queen City Petsitting for years. We’ve had 3 pet sitters since we started having Queen City watch our 2 dogs and cat, and they’ve all been wonderful! Since the beginning our first sitter moved, but the other 2 sitters are still watching Betsy, Boo and Bandit. They go over and beyond each and every time they sit for our babies and I’m relieved to have found them.

Carrie P.

My husband and I have 3 large, rambunctious dogs and were somewhat afraid when we called up Queen City Petsitting to watch them for 5 days. Within minutes of our consultation with the sitter we were set up with, our fears were gone. Our sitter took to our dogs immediately and he handled them just as we would. Their size and strength wasn’t a problem at all as our sitter has a tremendous amount of experience with dogs of all shapes and sizes especially large and extremely active pups. He has become our go-to guy whenever we need to leave the dogs at home.

Jennifer B.

Queen City Petsitting has been a life saver when it comes to day time care of our dog. My husband and I both work long hours and don’t have the time to leave work during the day to walk Casper. We used to drop him off at a day care facility every weekday morning and now thanks to finding ADS, we have a fabulous pet sitter come in and walk him everyday around lunch-time. Having a person come to our home has really made our lives easier and has also saved us time and money. We no longer have to wake up early to drop him off at day care which is awesome because we need all the sleep we can get nor do we have to worry about picking him up after work. I wish we had thought of in-home pet sitting a long time ago but we’re super thankful we have it now.

Glenn H.

I leave town almost every other weekend whether it’s for work, to visit friends and family or simply to get away with my wife for a quick vacation. Since we can’t always bring our pets, we rely on our pet sitter from Queen City Petsitting to spend the weekend at our house and give our pets unlimited attention. They have so much fun with their sitter that I don’t even think they miss us anymore. But we’d rather that then worry that they’re having a miserable time without us. There’s nothing like arriving home and having your pets greet you at the door.

Whitney I.

I love Queen City Petsitting!!! I have a house full of pets – 2 dogs, 3 cats, a bearded dragon and a rabbit to be exact. My husband used to ask what on earth are we going to do when we have to leave town and we can’t find a friend to watch the clan? No need to worry about that anymore. We have a sitter that takes care of them all : ). Best of all the cost to take care of all of our pets is super low too.

Ben B.

I have two Weimaraners and no matter how many times I walk them around our neighborhood or let them play in the back yard, they never seem to be tired when bedtime rolls around. I found Queen City Petsitting online and saw they offer visits where the sitter will actually run with my dogs basically to wear them out. Since I don’t have the time or energy, I decided it was worth a shot. I have my sitter come every day for a 45 minute run and it’s been great for both of them. My younger weim is only a year old so she could probably use 3 runs a day but for the most part they’re both exhausted by bedtime which has solved our a lot of our evening chaos.

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