Charlotte Pet Sitting Staff

Charlotte Pet Sitters and Support Staff:

Below is just a few biographies of our extensive team of professional Charlotte pet sitters & support staff.

Linda S. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Linda has lived in the Charlotte/ Fort Mill area for 21 years. She grew up in Madison, WI with a wide variety of dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters, and other animals. She has 3 sons and decided to be a stay at home mom a few years ago when her youngest son was diagnosed with a form Autism. They share their lives with an array if rescue animals. She enjoys pet sitting and getting to meet a new people and the animals they love . Linda serves as a pet sitter in Charlotte & Fort Mill.

Amelia J. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Amelia was born and raised in Southern California and relocated to Charlotte, NC many years ago with her husband and son. As a life long pet owner, she has always been passionate about caring for her pets as well as other people’s pets. This passion led her to her most recent profession, a professional pet sitter. The love that is given to the animals that she cares for is a mirror reflection of the love she’s received from the pets she’s cared for throughout her lifetime. Each opportunity she has to spend caring for her client’s pets brings constant joy to both herself and the animals. Amelia believes that everyone has a special purpose in life and her purpose, is to love and care for animals of every type, shape and size. Amelia currently serves as a pet sitter in the Lake Wylie and surrounding areas of Charlotte.

Jessica M. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Jessie was born in Brooklyn New York, and moved to Charlotte with her family when she was eight. Currently, Jessie is going to school for a degree in Early Childhood Education. She loves working with children and of course animals. Jessie has a male Beagle, Bailey, a Boston terrier, Sully, and a female black and tan Coonhound, Isabelle. Jessie loves her pets to pieces! During her pet sitting career, she has cared for gerbils, guinea pigs, iguanas, cats, fish & dogs.

Susie T. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Susie has lived in the Charlotte/Concord area for the past 30 years. She grew up with a number of rescued dogs and cats and even got to help out when her beloved dog gave birth in the family bathtub!!! She is known as a huge animal lover, as she had three of her own (2 toy poodles and an adopted lab/chow mix) but is now down to two dogs. She is a stay-at-home mom and looks forward to her time with her pet clients, as she loves to spoil them, and treat them as she would like someone to treat her pets! Susie will be pet sitting for the University, Concord and Huntersville areas of Charlotte.

Margie S. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Twenty-One years ago, Margie moved from Columbus, Ohio to Charlotte where she raised her children who have now all graduated from college. Margie has been around dogs and domestic pets for almost her entire life and has always had a passion and love for almost anything with 4 legs! Between her mother’s Cavalier King Charles named Chloe, her sister who has more cats than she can count and her very own four-year-old mixed- breed named Rusty, Margie certainly has tons of pets to love on in her family. After the corporate world that she worked in for over 35 years “left” her, Margie decided to do several things that would provide her with a very different experience and allow her to help others. After a suggestion from her daughter, Margie began pet sitting and hasn’t looked back. She is so excited to be able to spend her days with so many different pets that all provide her with as much love as she gives them. Margie serves as a pet sitter in the Cotswold, Southpark, Landsdowne, Matthews, Arboretum and other southeast neighborhoods of Charlotte.

Christine W. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Christine has had a lifelong passion and affinity for all living creatures. From a very young age, growing up in Canada, she brought home many dogs and cats that needed love and attention. A competitive rider on the A circuit she raised and showed horses in hunter/jumper classes for many years. Having met and fallen in love with a native North Carolinian she moved to the south in 2013. After working in the fashion business for many years she decided to devote her time to her love of animals. Working at Queen City Pet Sitting has enhanced her adventure in North Carolina and enabled her to work with so many lovely four legged clients who are dearly loved by their two legged humans. She loves developing a regular relationship and looks forward to daily visits with her canine friends. She is very patient with rescues and timid pets….and relishes the chance to become close with “special” beings. Her life revolves around her human soul mate and her three rescue kitties….Alleycat, Maggie and Dylan. She has an economical Smart car and serves as a pet sitter for the Charlotte area, particularly Uptown, Dilworth, Southpark and Plaza Midwood.

Casey M – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Trusting, active and caring & keeping your furry family members happy one pet at a time.

India W – Charlotte Pet Sitter

India has been living in Charlotte for the last 10 years. She a mother, published children’s author and animal lover and looks forward to loving on your pets.

Maggie O – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Musician and animal-lover originally from Southern California. Looking forward to keeping your pets active and happy.

Emily W – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Emily is originally from NC. She was raised on a farm and realized early on that caring for animals is what made her tick. She has professionally cared for pets for over a decade. Her creature care experience includes cats, dogs (teacup-giant breeds), pocket pets, reptiles, fish and farm animals. Emily shares her life with her husband, 3 kids, beloved Pit Bull Terrier and 3 cats. It is important to her that your pets feel loved and cared for while you are away. She is located in Cotswold and serves as a pet sitter to the surrounding neighborhoods of Charlotte.

Sarah J. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Will take care of your pets as if they’re her own – with extra love and compassion

Danielle N. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Animal lover and mental health professional. Always excited to meet your pet care needs.

Ed R. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Super active swimmer and soccer lover originally from London England. Looking forward to meeting your furry friends and giving them the exercise and care they deserve.

Johana G. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

I’m originally from Colombia. I’ve been an animal lover since I can remember.

I had every type of pet growing up such as a dogs, hamsters, rabbits, and fish and rode horses every week when I lived in Colombia. Before pet sitting professionally I always cared for my friends and family pets. I currently have two dogs – Antonio, who I rescued 2 years ago, and a Pitbull named Bella. Before coming to the states,  I made and sold healthy snacks for dogs.  In my free time I also do pet portraits and print them on everyday products so that we always feel close to them.   I look forward to meeting you and your pets.

Liz G. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

I moved to Charlotte in 1973 and have lived here most of that time, except when I went to school and apprenticed at Pinehurst to be a chef. I returned to Charlotte and became a Mom instead to my son who just turned 21. I have an Innate love for pets of every kind.  I worked in two animal hospitals between 2001 and 2009 and have been pet sitting professionally since 2005. Taking care of client’s pets is a pure joy!

Rose T – Charlotte Pet Sitter

My name is Rose. I live in the university area of Charlotte and I have had a passion for animals since I was little. I have worked with animals consistently for the last 3 years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I have worked as a kennel assistant, veterinary assistant, dog walker, and volunteered at the Humane Society of Charlotte. I currently have no pets of my own but once I finish my degree at CPCC I plan on get a few fur babies.

Alan S – Charlotte Pet Sitter

My wife, son and I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. If I’m not hanging out with my pets then I’m hanging out with someone else’s. Keeping your pets happy, healthy, and loved.

Don M. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Loving and caring for all varieties of pets for over 50 years.

Olivia L. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

“No job is too big, no pup is too small!”

Ross P. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Originally hailing from the Charlotte area, I lived out in Wilmington for a few years before returning home.  I’ve always had a dog in my life, and I couldn’t imagine a scenario without one.  Looking forward to meeting new fur-friends here.

Cat L. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Cat has worked with pets for over 10 years and has enjoyed working as a Mezzo Soprano with the Cleveland Opera. While she is a full time student, she plans to graduate from Berklee College of Music in the Spring of 2023 with a degree in Interdisciplinary music.

Caitlin B. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

I love all animals and have the most experience with dogs and cats as I’ve had them my entire life. Currently I own a Boxer named Jane and a cat named Nigel! It will be my pleasure to be a caregiver to your animals!

Evan R. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Excited to take care your pets needs!

Khaliya S. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

I love pets of all kinds and can’t wait to meet yours and keep them happy when you’re away

Ashley D. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

A life long passion of mine has always been animals. I’ve had the pleasure of being a pet parent myself. I fully understand the stress and worry people face when having to decide who is the best fit to care for their animals while away from home. As a dedicated pet sitter, I would care for your pets as if they were my own.

Aisha W. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

One of my greatest joys in life is caring for my animals so I would be more than happy to help care for yours as if they were my own.

Mallory B. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

I have been in Charlotte for 17 years and an animal lover my whole life. I have lived and worked on a farm as well as taken care of plenty of animals. I have had dogs, cats, fish, rats, guinea pigs, horses and salamanders throughout my life. Currently I have a 2 year old German Shepherd/Lab mix, a 7 month old Anatolian Shepherd, 2 guinea pigs and 1 Thoroughbred horse. I am also happily married and have a 7 year old daughter.

Joan G. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

I enjoy  alleviating unnecessary worries you may have while you are away.  I will care for your fur babies as if they are my own. I believe in the “hands on approach”, this entails plenty of hugs and spoiling them with my undivided attention.

Samantha P. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Part time QCP pet sitter since 2017. I have 2 dogs of my own, an 11 year old Corgi mix, and a 7ish year old Basset Hound mix. As an avid animal lover, I channel my urge to adopt many many more animals into loving family pets while their families are away!

Debi K. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Seasoned Pet Nanny for over 45 years. Grew up on a Farm – Ranch in South Florida. Won Many First Place Trophies for my Japanese Show Bantams & Dwarf Angora Rabbits with 4H. Owned and Loved all my special Furry, Feathered and Scaled Companions. Everything from Pheasants & Quail to King Snakes. Horses, Goats, Irish Setters, German Shephards, Chihuahuas,  Plymouth Rock Chickens, Leghorns & Rhode Island Reds. Persian, Bangle, Angora and Russian Blue Felines. Angora Hamsters, Box Turtles and Squirrel Monkeys. Chipmunks too. Of course multiple Salt Water & Tropical Fishtanks as well. I have lived in South Charlotte for over 26 years. It’s not my job, it’s my passion, my life.  My Golden ” Rocky” and My Senior Rescue “Chi Chi” are my world!

Summer H. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

I have been in the Charlotte area for about 6 years and have loved working for Queen City Pet Sitting! I am currently in an apprenticeship to gain the role of a Veterinary Assistant. I love working with animals and love helping anytime I can! Pet sitting has been so great for me for the past three years that I’ve been with QCP. Helping others with their pets is a passion of mine and now that I’m learning at the apprenticeship, I always am looking out for others pets!

Andrew F. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

Devoted husband & dog dad! App State grad that has resided in Charlotte for 7 yrs. Outdoor enthusiast through and through. I’ll help keep your pet mentally & physically stimulated, their stomachs full, and their water bowls fresh!

Zachary G. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

I absolutely love animals and to be able to provide great customer service at the same time, it’s very rewarding!

Tristian W. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

I’m a nature-loving dog mom to two small dogs with big personalities. I can’t wait to care for your pets.

Sarah L. – Charlotte Pet Sitter

I have lived in Charlotte for 15 years. I enjoy taking care of and loving on animals of all shapes and sizes! I love being outside and reading!

Abigail L.

Animal obsessed since I was young, I’m excited and ready to spoil your fur babies with love & attention.

Kaitlynn H.

I have loved caring for animals ever since my first job as a veterinarian’s assistant and I am overjoyed to be able to continue this work as your pet sitter.

Justin S.

I recently moved to the Charlotte area from New York. I grew up with golden doodles and have a passion for taking care of animals. I love spending time outdoors, traveling and building relationships with pets and people. Looking forward to taking care and providing the best service possible for each pet.

Robin P.

I can’t wait to spend time with and care for your precious pets.

Emily G.

I’m a Charlotte native with a passion for loving on and caring for pets. I currently have 3 dogs at home that I love to spoil and look forward to doing the same for you when you need a pet sitter.

Allison M.

Alli, a Charlotte native is a lover of all animal types and enjoys nothing more than caring for the pets of the Queen City area!

Kimberly W.

I am originally from Greenville NC and a ECU graduate. I just moved to Charlotte last year and I am so excited to be in the area. I have owned dogs and cats my whole life and know how it feels when you have to leave them whether it’s a short few hours or days at a time. Please feel so happy and totally rest assured that I will take care of your animals as if they were my own. Lots of love, lots of attention, petting, food, treats and playtime !!!

Hailey R.

Thank you for entrusting me to watch after your fur babies! I have two cats and a rabbit of my own. I absolutely love animals and have pet sat multiple different animals/reptiles. Can’t wait to meet you and your babies!

Nikolis S.

Taking care of all animals all shapes and sizes is my passion and I can’t wait to treat your pets with extra love, exercise and play while you’re away.

Russell T.

I am committed to ethical, positive-based pet care and dog training. I am owned by my 1-year-old GSD who enjoys scent work and agility, and my 4- year-old tabby cat.

Savannah R.

Trustworthy pet lover with over 8 years of experience and a guarantee of your pets being treated as if they were my own.

Lea B.

I’m so excited to give your pets some extra attention, love and routine when you can’t be there.

Lindsey R.

An enthusiastic and trustworthy pet lover who enjoys bringing your pets a little extra happiness.

Keating H.

I am a student at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. I have always loved and felt a connection with animals since I was a little kid. Since then I have had my own black lab, volunteered at dog shelters, and have walked and cared for other peoples dogs like I would my own.

Taletha T.

Thank you for the opportunity to care for your pets.  I’ve been around animals my entire life and enjoy caring for others pets as if they were my own.  I’m looking forward to giving lots of love and care to your fur babies.

Kathleen Y.

I’ve always had pets growing up. Right now I have 2 cats. Jax is a tuxedo cat, and Roxi is a tabby. I’ll take care of your fur babies as if they are my own!

Eileen G.

Always eager to care for your furry loved ones when you need help.

Maya T.

I love hiking, spending time outdoors, and love all animals! I can’t wait to meet you and your furry friends!

Brittaney P.

I am a lover of all things dogs which is why I have 3!!! I’m here for you and your pets whenever you need me.

Camille D.

Greetings! I’m a mom to a teen daughter and young adult son, and two amazing fur babies, 10 y.o Ginger who is a cool, bossy Corgi and 4 y.o Lulu who is a spirited, snuggle lover Labradoodle! I am a legal professional who believes that animals are healing and family! I will be sure to take great care of your babies in your absence!

Anna P.

can’t wait to meet and love on your fur babies!

Elizabeth K.

Hello Pet Parents and Pets!! My name is Liz. I am a  playful, responsible, natural- nurturer; enthusiastic animal lover, and caretaker. Thank you for trusting me with your pet babies. I’ll take great care of them and provide lots of pat pats , belly rubs, snuggles, scratchies, play time, and walks. Can’t wait to meet you!

Viktor C.

I’m an architecture student at UNC Charlotte who has had animals of all different shapes and sizes throughout their life. Can’t wait to meet yours!

Leah B.

I am avid reader and lover of learning who enjoys the simple things in life.

Victoria K.

Hey Everyone, I’m Victoria – Proudest Pet Mommy in The Queen City! I’m a Super Experienced Dog & Cat Rescuer with 5 Rescue babies of my own. Can’t wait to Spoil your babies with lots of love and fun, Or as I call it cuddle  snuggles.

Sarah Kate M.

Hi! I am Sarah Kate, I am 110% passionate about animals and the joy and love they bring to your life. I have two little girls as well that I love to see this connection and bond with through their eyes as well. I look forward to taking care of your pets just as they were my own. I will cherish them so much!

Layla C.

I truly believe that caring for animals is something I was intended to do in life. I promise that your pet will be in the best of care when they’re with me and feel safe and loved. Your fur baby and I will have a blast!

Jennifer M.

Experienced pet lover and nurse, excited to make your pets feel as loved and as happy as they make you feel. German Shepherd, cat, sugar glider, and girl mom.

Micah M.

Hi, I’m Micah! A little bit about me is that besides having a love for cats and dogs, I enjoy reading a good book while cuddling my own furry animal, Atticus, in my spare time.

Rashaud P.

I’m excited to care for your cuddliest family member while you’re away like I do my own pets.

Missy W.

Missy knows pets are like family, as she has four of her own. She will nurture and care for your fur babies while you are away to give you peace of mind.

Jackie K.

Spending time with animals is the best part of the day, and I’m excited to care for your pets! I’ve had cats and a dog and currently have 3 rescue kitties.

Katalina M.

Katalina graduated from Dominican University of California with concentrations in Marketing and International Business with a minor in Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She has had various experiences in non-profit, international real estate, retail, wealth management, banking, and marketing sectors. Born and raised in the Bay Area, California and she has three dogs herself and looks forward to caring for your pets too.

Amanda R.

My name is Amanda and I am a graduate student working on two master’s degrees. I have a Peke-Poo named Elvis and I was once a fur mama to a bunny named Rex, a Turtle named Yurtle, and a Pekingese named Melon. I love animals and I am excited to get to know yours!

Briana F.

Stay at Home Mom, who loves animals, her family and spending time with both.  I look forward to spending time with your pets too.

Autumn M.

I love pets and can’t wait to treat your Fur babies like my own! : )

Stephen C.

I moved to NC from Texas in 2018. I love animals, soccer, and reading nonfiction.  I’m excited to take care of your pets.

Ann H.

Hi everyone, My name is Ann and I love being outside, so I’ll be happy to take your best friend wherever they want to go.  I have extensive experience working with dogs from all walks of life. I have befriended anxious dogs who usually fear humans and earned the acceptance of aggressive dogs. Animals tend to like me regardless of their personalities. I am as happy on a leisurely walk for a mellow dog who wants to sniff and explore as I am to tire out a dog with boundless energy.

Armiah F.

I have a true passion for working with animals. I can’t wait to be your fur baby’s new best friend!