Overnight Pet Sitting & Boarding

Overnight Pet Sitting

  • Overnight Pet Sitting $95 Per Night

    (9:30 pm – 7 am) Our Pet Sitting expert will stay overnight at your home. This includes a "bedtime visit / walk" before the sitter and your pet(s) go to sleep for the night and a "morning visit / walk" before the sitter leaves in the morning. Let us know if you’d like additional intra-Day Dog Walks. Of course the extra love, play-time and affection is free!

Hotel Pet Sitting

We will come to your hotel to pet sit for your pets so you can relax & enjoy your stay in the city.


We can come to your room & take your pet(s) on walks while you’re away for the day/night.

Pet Sitting

If you’d like a companion for your pet(s) while you’re out, we can stay in your room and walk your pet(s) for as long as you’d like. We understand that some pet(s) don’t like to be alone.

Pet Boarding

We can pick up your pet(s) for the day from your hotel & keep them at a sitters home for 1-on-1 attention while you’re away for the day/night.

Boarding (In Pet Sitter's Home)

  • Boarding Fee starting at $95

Selling your home? Don't want your pet to be alone while you're gone?

Day-Time Companion

We can pick up your pet(s) for the day from your home & keep them at a sitters home for 1-on-1 attention while you’re away for the day.

Home Showings

Let one of our pet sitting experts keep your pet(s) comfortable in one of his/her homes while you show your house to potential buyers. Almost everybody loves pets except the home buyer who is buying your house. While this might be a bitter pill to swallow, if you want to get top dollar for your house, pay attention to how much you might lose with a dog or cat in residence. So allow someone from our pet sitting team to take your pet(s) off your hands on the days of showings or as you need. If it’s just 30 minutes to a 1 hour showing, we can also come by right before the showing and walk your dog until the showing ends.

Holiday Fees

All visits during the holidays will include a $5 per visit holiday surcharge. All Overnight services over the holidays will include a $20 per day/night holiday surcharge. All Boarding services over the holidays will include a $30 per day/night holiday surcharge. The days include the day before and day of New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Pet Sitting in Charlotte

Leaving on a trip? Have long days at work? Our In-Home Pet Sitting services are just what you need to care for your furry family member. Our pet sitters/dog walkers will come and care for your pet as often as you would like to make sure they are getting the attention they need. Save the time and gas money you would spend on traveling to and from the pet kennel, and keep your pets in a stress-free environment. Our pet sitters will pamper your pets, take your dog for a walk, and do all they can to help your furry friends feel comfortable and loved while you are away.

We also offer many services FREE OF CHARGE upon your request. Don’t worry about the little things such as watering the plants, bringing in the mail, and taking out the trash while you are away. Tell us what you want done, and our pet sitters will do it.

We Will Give Your Pets the Care They Need While You Are Away

The demands of life often require us to leave our homes for long periods of time. However, this shouldn’t mean that your pets need to be left alone and deprived of that much needed human care. Our pet sitters in Charlotte are here to give your pets the care they need. Whether it’s a business trip, a family emergency, or even a vacation, you can count on Queen City Pet Sitting to be there for your pets.
Our pet sitters are gentle and loving, and are dedicated to making your critters feel safe and secure while you are away. We can take care of your pets at your home or at ours. For those long periods of time while you are away, we can stop by once, twice, three times, or four times a day to check up on your pets, providing them everything from food and water, clean up, and simple one-on-one care and affection. Our Charlotte pet sitting services offer a wide range of benefits for your pet, such as preventing them from feeling “kennel stress” as a result of being cooped up in their kennels for too long. This is an especially valuable alternative to boarding them at a pet facility, which can lead to emotional stress as well as the possibility of kennel-related illnesses such as Kennel Cough, a highly contagious respiratory disease.

Mental and Emotional Health

Your animals have gotten used to a certain environment and company, and when this is altered dramatically, it can take its toll on their mental and emotional health. But when you choose Queen City Pet Sitting, our Charlotte pet sitters will make up for your absence by letting them roam free in their own home, or at one of our pet sitters homes, and the human contact and interaction they will get will help them stay happy and emotionally grounded.
We know just how stressed out animals can be when their owners are away, especially dogs. We are the professionals you can rely on to keep your pets from engaging in behavior that results from stress, boredom, and anxiety, such as:
  • Shedding
  • Loss or increase of appetite
  • Going potty inside
  • Scratching, chewing, or digging at the carpet and furniture
  • Excessive wandering, insomnia, and other neurotic behavior
  • Digging through the garbage
  • Excessive panting, whining, or barking
Dogs, like their ancestors, are pack animals, and a human pack leader is typically the best arrangement for them. Even if their beloved owner is away, a professional Charlotte pet sitter will provide them with the human company and care that is so valuable to them. We will ensure your dog’s mental and emotional well-being.

We Serve More Than Just Dogs And Their Owners

Cats, while more independent than dogs, also gain a deep level of attachment to their owners, and when separated from them for long periods of time, can develop all kinds of emotional problems as a result of separation anxiety.
Our Charlotte pet sitting services will help keep them company, so they don’t end up developing behaviors such as:
  • Shedding
  • Excessive grooming (resulting in bald spots)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Chewing and scratching at the carpet, furniture, and blinds
  • Vomiting
  • Going potty outside the litter box
  • Strange vocalizations and loud meowing
We will give them food and water, clean up any messes, and provide the one-on-one care they need while you are away. We will also give them plenty of playtime so that they have the mental stimulation they need, so that they don’t manifest their boredom in destructive behaviors. We are also available to provide care for other small animals such as:
  • Ferrets
  • Gerbils
  • Rabbits
  • Mice
  • Fish
And more! We will make sure they get all of the food and water they need, and that their cages are kept clean.

Queen City Pet Sitting Has the Charlotte Pet Sitters You Can Rely On

Queen City Pet Sitting’s services are licensed, bonded, and insured. We are a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating. Throughout the years, we have gained a reputation of trust with our clients, who have seen fit to utilize our Charlotte pet sitting services time and time again.

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