Charlotte Dog Walks

10 Minute Potty Break - $18

15 Minute Visit / Walk - $20

30 Minute Visit / Walk - $22

45 Minute Visit / Walk - $30

60 Minute Visit / Walk - $35

Longer visit packages available upon request

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Weekday Lunch - Time Walk Packages

Hurry! For a limited time only we are offering first time clients one FREE week of Lunch-Time Walks!
To receive 1 free week of walks for your dog, you must prepay for 1st month of 15 or 30 minute dog walking services. Fees are non-refundable.

M-F 15 minute Package - $95/week

5 Day, 15 minute visits: $95/week Package Pricing cannot be prorated if Less than 5 days are used. Less than 5 days used = $20/visit

M-F 30 minute Package - $105/week

5 day, 30 minute visits: $105/week Package Pricing cannot be prorated if Less than 5 days are used. Less than 5 days used = $22/visit

Longer visit packages available upon request

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Dog Trip To The Park

Let us take your dog to a local Dog Park! Our dog walking service gives your dog a chance to run free while enjoying the outdoors. We are committed to instilling happiness and healthy activities for all dogs.

15 Minute Visit/Walk - $20

30 Minute Visit/Walk - $22

45 Minute Visit/Walk - $30

60 Minute Visit/Walk - $35

Holiday Fees
All visits during the holidays will include a $5 per visit holiday surcharge. All Overnight and Boarding services over the holidays will include a $20 per day/night holiday surcharge. The days include the day before and day of New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Dog Walking Services in Charlotte, NC

At Queen City Petsitting, we understand that life can get busy, and it can become difficult to get your dog out of the house every day. Our Charlotte dog walkers know you love your dogs, and we are here to help you give them the care they deserve. Dogs need at least an hour of exercise daily, and some of the more sporty breeds need more. They need that time to run and play which will help keep them limber, control weight gain, and help keep your pets more constructive and calm in your home. Our dog walking services can also be a great addition to outside training as their dog walker will help socialize your pets by exposing them to new surroundings, and maybe help them make new friends along the way. Using a daily dog walking service can help add consistency to your dog’s life and likely give you a better behaved companion. Reducing pent up energy during the day can help curb destructive behavior when you are away and give you a more relaxed and satisfied pet when you arrive home from work. Your dog walker is ready to take your furry family member out any time of the day.

We'll Help You Pick Up The Slack!

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Life can be full of demands, many of which come at unexpected times. Feeling like you are being pulled in many directions at once is especially stressful when it comes to your cherished dogs, whose needs can’t be put on hold. That is where Queen City Petsitting comes in. We are here to help you pick up the slack when it comes to your furry little friends with our professional Charlotte dog walking services.

Our staff is available to take your dogs out for the exercise they need, so they don’t spend too much time cooped up in the house. This will give them the chance to get all of that excess energy out through running, playing, exploring, and getting plenty of mental stimulation. After all, dogs receive the same chemical rewards that we do through exercise, and they will benefit both physically and mentally from our dog walking services in Charlotte.

On average, dogs need about an hour of exercise per day. Some breeds may require even more. When they are deprived of that much needed exercise, a lot of negative symptoms follow, including boredom and emotional depression, irritation, and anxiety. Dogs will often become neurotic and act out in annoying and destructive ways.

Our Charlotte dog walking services will help reduce the incidences of:

  • Loud barking at inappropriate times: All of that pent up energy tends to release itself in the form of loud barking at traffic, or at strangers walking down the sidewalk or approaching the door.
  • Anxiety and restlessness: A lack of exercise can lead to late night pacing and wandering around the house.
  • Clawing, chewing, or digging: This can happen inside the house or outdoors, often as a result of boredom. Dogs will try to stimulate their minds by tearing up the carpet, digging holes in the yard, or clawing at furniture.
  • Playing too rough: The built up energy most notably comes out when it actually is time to play. Dogs will often pounce, nibble, and act out in overly excited ways. Frequent exercise will result in less aggression and better behavior.
  • Pulling Too Hard On the Leash: This is quite an annoying problem when dogs haven’t been walked for a long time.
  • Obesity & Heart Problems: As with humans, a dog’s heart health and weight relies on the right amount of exercise. An obese dog will have a whole list of problems, including decreased stamina, liver problems, joint problems, and even diabetes.

When you choose Queen City Petsitting for Charlotte dog walking services, these areas will be improved upon.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Local Dog Walkers?

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Dogs simply aren’t going to go outside and develop their own exercise routine, as much as we all wish they would sometimes. They rely on their human masters to lead the way for them, just as wolves rely on their pack leaders. We will give them that exercise when you simply can’t. After all, it can be difficult to get a good long walk in with your dog when you’re working overtime. Our services will make it so you don’t have to wake up too early, rush home during your lunch break, or take work off early to give your furry companions the exercise they need.

Another great benefit of our Charlotte dog walking services is that they help enhance your dog’s sense of trust and communication. Our dog walkers in Charlotte know all of the right training methods to help build your dog’s sense of cooperation and unity with a human companion, from which they benefit greatly. We will help to reinforce their training by encouraging them to sit, heel, and stay when necessary. These important skills will be sharpened by our dog walkers, whether they are going for a lunchtime walk, a run, or a trip to the dog park.

Throughout our time as professional Charlotte dog walkers, we have built a reputation of trust and satisfaction with our customers. Our staff loves dogs, and loves what they do! We guarantee only the best care and services for the creatures you love so much.

We guarantee quality care. Contact us today at (919) 473-3647, or schedule a reservation through our online reservation form.
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