Why Pets Love Their Sitters
June 28, 2012
Easing Separation Anxiety for Your Pet
July 6, 2012

You and your pet are always having fun together. Whether you’re going for a walk around the neighborhood or visiting a family friend to check out new sights, you always make sure your pet is enjoying themselves as much as you do. So when you need to go on a trip and hire a pet sitter there are ways that you can make it fun for your pet so you can enjoy your vacation and they can too. Below are three tips to prepare your pet for a pleasant pet sitting experience with Queen City Pet Sitting.

Quality Time – Before you leave town make sure you spend some quality time with your pet. Take them to their favorite spots, make their walks longer than usual, and give them a few extra treats throughout the day. Don’t worry that you’re spoiling your pet; you want to ease any separation anxiety they might start feeling before you leave. Pets are more intelligent than we sometimes give them credit for, and watching you pack your bags and hurry about your days ignoring them will set up all kinds of red flags. Spending the extra time with your pet will strengthen your relationship and even help you from feeling nervous about leaving them. After all, you don’t want to be sitting on a beach worrying about your pet.

Toys – Don’t forget to leave plenty of toys behind for them. Your pet sitter will be taking your pet out for daily walks and ensuring they get a lot of play time. Make sure to leave all their favorites toys out so that the pet sitter can easily find them. In addition, there may be times when your pet sitter won’t be with your pet; leaving their toys easily accessible to them will ensure that they don’t get bored and restless. Bored pets are more likely to take it out on your valuables, and you don’t want to come home to a destroyed house.

Treats – Don’t forget to bring them a treat from your vacation. Just like you bring little gifts for your friends and family your pet would also love to get a small token from you when you return. They might be so happy to see you they won’t even notice the toy or treat at first, but once they get over their excitement of having their master home they will be grateful for any little treat you’ve brought them. The treat can also help to reinforce the idea that even though you were gone you didn’t forget them.

We make it our business to provide quality care for pets and peace of mind for their people. To learn more about how a pet sitter can make your life—and your pet’s—better, contact us today.




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