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Finding the right pet sitter to take care and keep an eye on your pets can be a challenging task due to several factors to consider. Among these is whether the person in charge of providing the basic needs and care is capable of meeting your standards. With Queen City Petsitting Productions in NoDa, you’ll definitely have peace of mind knowing that experts are taking care of your beloved pets. If you’re looking for the best one-on-one attention and affection for your dog, cat, or any other small animals, our qualified and well-experienced pet sitters are guaranteed to meet and even exceed your pet sitting expectations.

Unlike other pet sitting companies, we make sure our pet sitters will follow all of your instructions up to the tiniest details to ensure habits, activities, and routines are continued even when you’re out on vacation. On top of this, we are also happy to provide your pets with outdoor activities and socialization with other animals according to your preference. 

At Queen City Petsitting Productions, you can expect only the best and most-affectionate care. In fact, with our pet sitting services, the pampering and caring of your pets will be continued in their comfortable environment while you are away. If you treat your pets as a part of your family, rest assured, we’ll do our best to provide all of their needs from feeding and bathing to walking.

Our professional pet sitters are excited to assist you with your pets whether you’re busy at home, or going out on a trip. With our pet sitting services, you’ll be temporarily relieved from providing love and comfort to your fur babies. 

Why You Should Choose Us

With professionals, you can have peace of mind knowing we’ve got you covered while you’re away either on vacation or business trip. Aside from the love and care we provide, we also assure your pets’ safety, health, and socialization. Above all, we only hire pet sitters who are honest and trustworthy. Overall, you get an expert who knows how to take care of your pets without losing any of your belonging inside the house while you’re away.

Charlotte Pet Sitting Services

Other Services that we offer:

  • Small Pet Visits
  • Cat/Kitten Play Time
  • Off-site Pet Care for Home Showing
  • Pet Taxi – If you are having a hard time scheduling the yearly vet visit with your work hours, give us a call. We can be the chauffeur for trips to the groomer, vet, park, airport, and much more
  • Errand Services
  • Locked out? – As long are you sitter is a available and has a key on file, he/she can come and let you in.

We also care for rabbits, gerbils, fish, ferrets, etc. If you consider them family, so do we!

You can hire a qualified Queen City petting sitting service to walk your dog, pick up their droppings, and act as a pet taxi, and more. By hiring the professional services, you can eliminate the need to impose on your family, neighbors or friends. The service works well when you work long days away from home, or take extended vacations without your four-legged friend. The pet care services provided by professional individuals can be acquired for reasonable rates when they come to your home at least two or three times throughout the day, whenever you are away.

Liability and Theft Coverage

Fully insured, these dog sitting companies provide coverage against any type of property damage, theft, or liability while performing their duties. They can handle any special need of your pet and home while you are gone. Qualified Queen City pet sitters are discrete in their work, attempting to leave your home as they found it.


When you are looking for someone that loves your pet as much as you do, contact Queen City Petsitting in the North Davidson neighborhood. We have the experience you expect, and the love and care your pet needs.

During our visits, we will make sure your home stays well-maintained and cared for. Don’t let the stress of your pet’s well-being hinder your ability to enjoy your time away.


Make a reservation online or Call (980) 202-2745 to set your pets up with the perfect pet pampering service.

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