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Queen City Pet Sitting Services Offer Comfortable At-Home Benefits for Your Dog
January 24, 2013
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Why You Need to Hire Queen City Pet Sitting Caretakers to Walk & Feed Your Dog
February 13, 2013


For any dog owner, hiring an in-home Queen City pet sitting service offers a unique, affordable alternative to boarding your family pet at a kennel facility. Additionally, it also alleviates the need to rely on neighbors, family or friends to check on your dog when you are gone. Professional pet sitters are hired to offer one-on-one care by visiting your home daily and keeping your animal on his or her regular routine of watering, feeding and going outdoors.

Extensive Benefits for You and Your Pet

Many dog owners report that having someone come to the home when they are away instead of boarding their dog provides a less stressful experience and allows the pet to remain adjusted in the comfort of their home, during times when their owner is not present. As an additional bonus, pet sitters provide a level of security by bringing your mail in from outdoors, removing newspapers from the driveway, turning on and off lights in the house and opening/closing the drapery to make it appear as though the home is constantly occupied when you are gone.

Healthy Benefits to Your Dog

By keeping your dog in the home instead of placing them in a boarding facility at a local kennel, you can reduce the possibility of them getting sick from other dogs and cats. Kennels are often places where disease can run rampant, transferring illnesses from one animal to another. Being boarded at a kennel can significantly increase your dog’s chances of getting kennel cough, canine influenza, stress-induced colitis, or intestinal parasites.

Additionally, by keeping them on their daily diet and exercise routines, uninterrupted, and allowing them to sleep quietly in their own bed, he or she will remain healthier for your return.

Taking Care of Your Pet as Your Surrogate

By hiring a professional Queen City pet sitting service you will know that your dog is in the care of loving hands. Acting as a surrogate in your absence, the professional sitter is there for any household emergency, vet visit, or as a taxi service to take your dog to his or her groomer. They also work well as an affordable alternative for elderly individuals that struggle taking their precious dogs for walks, playing with them outdoors or providing them adequate exercise.

It is important to offer the best care for your loving dog at all times. If you spend a lot of time away from home, go away on long vacations or simply do not have the energy to provide all the necessary care for your dog, consider hiring a qualified Queen City pet sitting service.

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