Charlotte PetsittingEntrusting your pets to someone else’s care can be very hard to do. Will they be fed enough? Will they be played with enough? Will they be safe? Uptown Charlotte’s pet boarding facilities may not provide your pet with enough one-on-one attention that your pet needs and deserves. Queen City Petsitting Productions, however, provides that one-on one-care as many times per day or week as you desire. Our pet sitters will follow your directions to ensure that the habits and routines you have established for your pet will not be disrupted. Whether you prefer for your pet to receive personalized play time at your home or time with other animals at one of the many beautiful parks in Uptown, our pet sitters are qualified and willing to oblige.

We humans are a funny bunch. We tend to do things that an outsider of this planet may find strange or amusing. Take our pets, for example. We know that they are animals yet many times we treat them as one of our own, sometimes on equal footing with members of our own family. We feed them, bathe them, and give them a place in our home and hearts. In return, they care for us in a way that only animals can. Show your love for them by making sure they are safe when you aren’t with them.

Our professional Uptown Charlotte pet sitters are prepared and eager to help. Queen City Petsitting will care for your pets when you can’t be there providing the love and comforts of home in your absence. Here are a few opportunities that highlight the convenience and peace of mind our services provide.

Problem: A sudden business trip takes you from home for a day and a half. You have a puppy at home that needs somebody to watch him overnight.

Solution: Our Uptown pet sitters offer overnight pet services. Our overnight sitters will stay at your house from 9:30pm to 7am. Our visit includes a late evening walk, and a morning walk. Between those hours, we give love, playtime and affection.

Problem: Your sister is getting married in New York and you will need someone to watch your pet for four days while you are out of town.

Solution: Our Uptown pet sitters offer overnight pet boarding. Your pet goes to one of our qualified sitter’s homes with a boarding fee, we will take care of your pet as if it were our own. Worried that you’ll miss your pet while you’re gone? We’ll send one email or sms text update for everyday that you are gone for free!

Problem: You need to pull a double shift (or two or three) at work but have a dog that won’t last that long without a potty break.

Solution: Try our Monday through Friday potty break packages. Once a day our sitters will come by midday for 15 to 30 minutes or longer to let your pet outside or walk your pet for some much needed relief! 

Charlotte Pet Sitting ServicesOther Services that we offer:

  • Small Pet Visits
  • Cat/Kitten Play Time
  • Off-site Pet Care for Home Showing
  • Pet Taxi – If you are having a hard time scheduling the yearly vet visit with your work hours, give us a call. We can be the chauffeur for trips to the groomer, vet, park, airport, and much more
  • Errand Services
  • Locked out? – As long are you sitter is a available and has a key on file, he/she can come and let you in.

We also care for rabbits, gerbils, fish, ferrets, etc. If you consider them family, so do we!

You can hire a qualified Queen City petting sitting service to walk your dog, pick up their droppings, and act as a pet taxi, and more. By hiring the professional services, you can eliminate the need to impose on your family, neighbors or friends. The service works well when you work long days away from home, or take extended vacations without your four-legged friend. The pet care services provided by professional individuals can be acquired for reasonable rates when they come to your home at least two or three times throughout the day, whenever you are away.

Liability and Theft Coverage

Fully insured, these dog sitting companies provide coverage against any type of property damage, theft, or liability while performing their duties. They can handle any special need of your pet and home while you are gone. Qualified Queen City pet sitters are discrete in their work, attempting to leave your home as they found it.

Your Pet Can Stay in His or Her Own Environment

As a way to circumvent the process of boarding your pet in a kennel facility, you can hire an individual to come to your home and walk the dog, play with them, feed them and ensure they are healthy in your absence. For a reasonable price, the professional staff will take care of all your needs for your dog, and your home. You can have the pet sitter perform security checks on the house and its perimeter, water your plants, retrieve your mail and even turn lights on in the evening to suggest that someone other than the dog is constantly at home.

Offering Surrogate Pet Care

The benefits offered in hiring Queen City pet sitting services include sitter availability 24 hours every day, along with insured care, control and custody of your pet in your absence. The professionals have the ability to take care of any unique needs of every pet. They can work as your surrogate to take your dog to the veterinarian for their appointments, act as a responsible professional in times of emergencies, or taxi your pet to the groomers.

The Benefits of Familiar Surroundings

Hiring a professional is an easy solution to keep your pet in familiar surroundings while you are away. Your dog can feel at ease when surrounded by the familiar sights, sounds and smells of their everyday environment. The services allow you to avoid your pet from being caged or having to socialize with unfriendly animals. You will keep your loved pet out of harm’s way by protecting them from diseases and parasites from a shared environment with other animals. Queen City pet sitting services are offered at reasonable rates to meet any budget.

When you are looking for someone that loves your pet as much as you do, contact Queen City Petsitting in Charlotte, NC. We have the experience you expect, and the love and care your pet needs.
Queen City Petsitting Productions only provides sitters and dog walkers that are experienced animal lovers and caregivers. Since we will be providing care for your pets at your home, it is important to find someone who you mesh well with and can trust. Once your reservation is made, we will have one of our Charlotte pet sitters contact you to arrange a time to meet. While your pet is our number one priority, our services don’t stop there. During our visits, we will make sure your home stays well maintained and cared for. Don’t let the stress of your pet’s well-being hinder your ability to enjoy your time away. Our Charlotte team of pet sitters covers all ares of Charlotte and surrounding areas such as:

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